Son of the god Saturn and Ops, Neptune is the brother of Jupiter and Pluto. Originally the god of fountains and water currents, earthquakes and breeder of horses. God inseparable from horses, lord of the nymphs, mermaids and mermaids of lakes, rivers and springs, has at his side mermaids, nereids and newts. Neptune does not wear fancy clothes, since his appearance is enough to demonstrate his power.
The NETUNO (Neptune) arose from the need of Brazilian for a pleasant atmosphere, that there was a good music, a differentiated menu that would attend not only those who enjoy seafood but also those who seek a quick snack, in a completely familiar environment, where we seek Always listen to the suggestions of each client and improve us according to the needs of our friends and clients.With a vast menu executed by Chef Danieli Ventura and his team, we offer seafood-based dishes such as shrimp in beer and garlic and oil, hiding from shrimp and cod, paella, symphony, crab, fish and squid rings.
Ode To Neptune

While raging tempests shake the shore,
While Ælus’ thunders round us roar,
And sweep impetuous o’er the plain
Be still, O tyrant of the main;
Nor let thy brow contracted frowns betray,
While my Susanna skims the wat’ry way.


To court thee to Britannia’s arms
Serene the climes and mild the sky,
Her region boasts unnumber’d charms,
Thy welcome smiles in ev’ry eye.
Thy promise, Neptune keep, record my pray’r,
Not give my wishes to the empty air.

 Phillis Wheatley
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