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We believe that entrepreneurship can unlock human potential and make the world a better place. We look for big problems in the world that have technology solutions and test many ideas in parallel. When one shows great promise, we recruit a great team, spin it off into a company, and help them grow a successful business.

Divergence, Convergence and the Humanity

The process and stages of Design Thinking are based on these two movements: divergence and convergence (generating options for making decisions). This has an interesting parallel with the stages of the decision-making process. In addition, to find ways, and help with goals, I believe it is very important to diverge to lead the journey more fluently.

A Gesture that Pulsates

Even flipped, the heart became universal. "Anyone understands the gesture," says Diana Luz, a researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP) who studies the senses of gesturality. The constant use of the heart as a symbol of love in culture and publicity makes its gestural symbol easily understood - a barrier that other gestures have failed to overcome.

Ideas are alive here

The metaphor of the "living organism" has been widely used to explain the organization from a perspective. Like living things, businesses seek life, survival, longevity, and continuous improvement. Which way will they be?

The metaphor of the "living organism" has been widely used to explain an organization from a perspective. Just as alive, an organization seeks a survival, for that, it needs resources. As organizations, like living beings, they seek life, survival, longevity, and continuity.

A person with values ​​very different from the values ​​of the company in which he works and as a foreign body within a healthy body. If you are completely different from what is inside it, it can become a toxic virus or even turn into a cancer, having to be removed through one or more surgeries. Now, if this foreign body realizes that it is misaligned early on, it can be expelled to this organism of its own free will. Even intuitive way, without much effort or trauma to the set involved.

How corporations are like bodies: they need to be healthy for a long life, and the stronger for a mission, the easier it is to be recognized or rejected. There are companies that are so heavily developed that it is a quest almost palpable. A good example is Google's values. The basic condition for working in there is to have the profile corresponding to the company's DNA. Just finding a legal company does not mean anything at all. Did you get discipline and work for results in a company that offers a number of things that can get you off your focus all the time?

Source: Images of organization, Gareth Morgan

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